The “Beauty in Bloom” Fashion Show took place April 25, 2024 at the Morden Access Centre…


We strive to improve the lives of our clients and their families throughout their battle with cancer


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    34 Stephen St #400
    Morden, MB R6M 2G3 View on Google Maps
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    Toll free 1-866-287-4740

Our Services

Transportation Assistance

Accommodation Assistance

Lymphedema Support Program

Wigs and Head Coverings

Skin Screening Clinics

Radon Awareness and Testing

Wellness Programs

Ways To Help

Volunteers play a crucial role in the ability of SCCR to provided much needed services to clients and their families. All donations go towards the services we offer.

Fashion Show Photo Gallery

Thank you so much to Made by Madie for generously offering to photograph the SCCR Fashion Show! We are so thankful for your time and for the beautiful photo gallery!…


What do I appreciate about SCCR? Their willingness to help the people in our communities in any way needed, from wigs and beauty tips during a cancer journey, to assisting with travel to appointments. SCCR will get creative and help anyone who walks through their doors!

I appreciate the kind and caring staff at SCCR for their support as they always seem to have time even though I know they are busy. I also have appreciated the financial support they provide as cancer can really disrupt your life and give you extra expenses during a time that you are also emotionally and often physically drained.

I appreciate the support SCCR offers LOCAL cancer patients, it is so nice to know that money raised for SCCR is going directly to patients in our local communities.

SCCR does so many good things and has made such a difference in the lives of people who are going through a difficult time. Financially, emotionally, and practically. They step in and take care of patients and give them back some sense of control and independence, when it feels like things are out of control

I appreciate how SCCR makes life just a little bit easier for families dealing with cancer in the different ways they offer support.

SCCR is an organization that truly wants and does help with your cancer journey

SCCR absolutely saved me with their financial assistance. I was in a very stressful place dealing with cancer and my finances on my own. I don't know if SCCR actually realizes the difference that they made in my life!

The SCCR was such a relief for me during my chemo treatments. Choosing a wig and head covering in a very supportive environment made the unbearable, bearable! Having those items gave me a boost of confidence to do normal things without feeling too self conscious.

There were times when we were making daily trips from Winkler to Winnipeg so that I could receive radiation treatment and we really appreciated the assistance we could receive from SCCR. SCCR’s services make a huge difference in the lives of families going through cancer. Thank you for all you do, it really makes a difference!