Pleasant Valley Cottage Owners Donation

August 17, 2022
Several years ago, junior curling rocks were donated to the Pleasant Valley Cottage Owners for a bonspiel they planned on the canal. The first bonspiel was such a great success that it became an annual event! Rinks were drawn up, hot dogs, hot chocolate and other beverages flowed, and the winners were awarded the prestigious “Purple Pelican”. All ages participated and it was so much fun even when it was 30 below.
As with so many events, the novelty wore off and a decision was made to sell the rocks and donate the proceeds to a charity in memory of Kris King who originally brought the rocks to the valley. In July 2022 – Darlene Windsor advertised the rocks at her garage sale, the selling price ended up being $175.00.
Pictured is Shirley Wood and Pam King receiving the cheque for South Central Cancer Resource from Darlene Windsor.
Thank you PVCO and the purchaser of the rocks for this donation to SCCR!