Our Transportation Program is our most used and known Program we offer, SCCR wants to ensure our Clients and family can make it to their appointments to get the best care, along with that we can help with some reimbursement to ease the financial burden that cancer puts on individuals.

We have Volunteers in every town to help drive if you or your family cannot.  Our Volunteers are approved through our Staff and have also completed a Criminal Record Check and holds a valid Drivers Licence.  We provide a Door-to-Door service and this option for our clients is a free service.

Our Driver Log needs to be filled out and handed back to our office monthly in order for us to help. For more efficiency you can email, fax or mail your sheet in.

Click here for a new Drivers Log

 Client Testimony

Dear SCCR Staff, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am and my family is to your Organization.  When I was diagnosed all the information was put on my lap and the tests begin in preparation to get the Cancer out! A dear friend of mine told me about you and we came in shortly after and learnt about all the things you offer to people like me going through a diagnosis that is life changing.  Your office was inviting and my husband and I left feeling that you listened to us and all you wanted to do was help, thank you for that. 

My husband was able to drive me to many appointments but I did end up using your Volunteer Driving Program.  The woman that came and picked me up was full of warmth and love, they went out of their way to make sure I had a comfortable ride and that we were on time.  Our driver was so wonderful that I told my husband that he could take more time off from driving  as a friendship had formed.  If we ever had an issue your office staff was eager to help, and did help.  I will continue to spread the good things your Organization does to my friends and family.  You never know just how expensive Cancer is until you go through it and it was comforting knowing you and the Community was on our side helping, even helping with the cost of a hotel for my family to stay in when I was unable to come home for a short time.  Your Organization will always be in my thoughts and we again are so grateful for the care we received from you.