Wig Services

SCCR has many wigs of varying colours and styles, which can be loaned out to people experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment. Included in this service is a complimentary styling and a wig care kit (shampoo, spray and a drying form). The wigs are made of a good quality synthetic, which makes them very easy to care for. The wigs are returned to SCCR when no longer needed as they can be sanitized and given out to another client to use. A service fee of $25 will be applied to this service.

Wig Rental Agreement

Supported by:

Hope Haven

Hope Haven is a room that provides comfort and privacy for people who are having wig, hat and turban or breast prosthesis fitting. A grant from The Thomas Sill Foundation has allowed the organization to install a hair stylist chair and mirror, storage cupboards and display shelves for the wigs and head coverings for use by clients and staff.


Volunteers in the area make head coverings in various styles and colours for clients who require them as a result of cancer treatment.  SCCR has hundreds to choose from and there is no cost to the client.  Clients return them when they are done with them and the head coverings are then washed and sanitized for reuse.

Staff is available to provide support to those people going through the cancer experience, their family, and friends.