Donate online or at our office knowing that the funds you give get into the hands of your neighbors, friends, and family while they are on their cancer journey.  Funds go towards our Transportation Program helping with cost of travel while going to appointments and treatments.

When it comes to charitable giving, what is best for you?

Give Online/Cash Donation

This is the simplest type of donation. But before dropping that cheque in the mail, you may wish to consider alternative giving strategies that can increase the benefits of the donation for you, your charity and your estate.

  • You can donate by clicking on the Donate Now button. This allows you to make a secure online donation through
Donate Now
  • You can donate by filling out our Donation Form and mailing it to our office with your donation
  • You can donate through your bank by adding us as a payee.  For steps on how to donate through online banking, follow our steps here.

Bequests Donation

Bequests of life insurance or registered plans

You can donate the proceeds upon death from a life insurance policy, RRSP, RRIF or TFSA by naming the charity as the beneficiary, or by naming the estate as the beneficiary and naming the charity in the will to receive the proceeds. Such charitable gifts are treated as if they were made in the year of your death and are eligible in determining the charitable donation tax credit on your final tax return or the immediately preceding return.


South Central Cancer Resource has set up an Endowment Fund through Morden Area Foundation and The Winnipeg Foundation.  By Donating funds linked to South Central Cancer Resource you are ensuring that our services and programs that we offer will never deteriorate.  We know that Cancer will be around for a long time, and now so will SCCR because of your help.   Please put South Central Cancer Resource in the  “In honor of” section. Please click here for an example.

Endowment Donation