Celebrating the Bump In the Road


​Hundreds of cancer patients are assisted each year by the South Central Cancer Resource by their community’s contributions. The Non-Profit Organization would like to pay tribute to their stories. Join us as we “Celebrate The Bump In The Road”  Click HERE to submit your “Bump in the Road”.


Stories from Fellow Travellers

“Last June ( 2017 ) my family doctor suggested that I complete a stool test. He felt that there was not a problem but as a precautionary measure he asked me to submit to such a test. About 3 weeks after I had submitted my sample he called me into his office and said that there was a trace of something, not to worry , but he wanted me to have a colonoscopy done. I concurred and in September I had a colonoscopy done at the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg where they removed 4 polyps. The surgeon thought that they were all benign but sent them in for further testing. The tests showed that there was a trace of cancer on one of the polyps. So a surgery date was set and I had approximately 18 inches of my large intestines removed. The surgeon removed the entire area of the intestines where the polyps were located. He feels that they removed all of the sources of cancer. I’m doing well now, however I’m having regular checkups with another colonoscopy slated for December . I did not need chemo or radiation treatments and feel very fortunate that my cancer was caught very early. Thankfully my family doctor insisted that I take the stool sample and have it tested as I had in the past been somewhat reluctant to take it because I was not convinced that it was a good or reliable test. I’m also very grateful to the South Central Cancer Resource for helping with some of my travel expenses as the hotel stay and travel costs to the city can add up quite quickly. In dealing with the staff at South Central, I appreciated their professional and caring manner in which they dealt with my application for financial help and any concerns I had.”
 – Melvin Klassen